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[Free] Vintage Fridge: 3D Modelling a game asset – Complete Course


Requirements : 

Basic knowledge of Maya's interface is recommended
Basic understanding for Substance Painter software is recommended
‘Vintage Fridge: 3D Modelling a game asset - Complete Course’

About : 

This Polygoods ‘3D modelling a game asset fridge’ will help you improve your 3D modelling workflow by taking you through the entire pipeline of the modelling process for a vintage fridge prop. It will take you through various skills and new tools used within a current professional practice of Autodesk Maya modelling workflow in its current 2020 version. The purpose of these lessons is to teach you different techniques which you will then be able to incorporate onto your own personal workflow to increase your creative freedom in 3D modelling. It will also teach you everything that a modeller needs to know within Autodesk Maya so as to create a great 3D asset, that is perfect to be used as a video game model.

‘Vintage Fridge: 3D Modelling a game asset - Complete Course’ is set up with varying difficulties; helping you learn more advanced skills progressively. As we continue with the course, learning aspect and techniques will become harder, helping you to better ease into the modelling process.

The course will take you through a professional texturing pipeline of an industrial leading 3D digital painting software, Substance Painter. The course will take you through an entire workflow to paint an asset. The lessons will show you all the steps within texturing a PBR vintage prop starting from the fundamentals of software’s setup and basics of creating a simple PBR material set up. The lessons will then take you through the steps of setting up the asset within Unreal Engine 4. It will teach you how you to easily import your 3D models and packed texture maps onto the scene

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May 10, 2020 // Duration: 9 hrs 9 mins // Lectures: 59 //

Learn how to model, retopologise and texture a digital prop and present it within a scene

Published by: Lukas Partaukas

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